Real Estate

Purchasing and Selling Real Estate

In order to provide yourself with the best protection when entering into a real estate contract, it is key to have a qualified real estate attorney familiar with New York real estate law review your contract. Buyers and sellers are assigned specific duties under the law and it is important not to sign a binding contract until you are clear on what your role and responsibility will be. It is common with real estate purchases and sales for contingencies to be involved – for instance, is your participation in the purchase agreement to bid on a new home contingent upon selling the home you currently live in? Are you protected in the event that you cannot sell your home on a timely basis? Do you fully understand the legal description of the real estate in question? These can areas of concerns where you need to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to financial or legal risk –at Janus Law, PC, a qualified real estate attorney will illuminate these areas for you and guide you through the contract process.

Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modification, and Short Sales.

We invite you to read our FAQ section on Foreclosure Defense to learn more about how Janus Law, PC, can help you save your home. No one wants to lose their home – but many people become overwhelmed with letters, liens, and notices from lenders and assume they have no choice. You do have a choice – you can defend your home and your family with a foreclosure defense lawsuit. Janus Law, PC, has helped numerous clients save their home through a variety of remedies including loan modifications. Additionally, some clients prefer to arrange a short sale so they can start over in a new situation – Attorney Janus is a seasoned expert in arranging short sales – in some instances, you may even be able to stay in your home as a renter and be relieved of the stress of homeownership in our current economic environment.