Foreclosure Defense FAQs

My bank says I am bound to everything in my original mortgage agreement. Is this accurate?

The laws surrounding foreclosure have been continually changing, most especially within the past two years. Due to these rapidly changing laws, most especially with regard to the paperwork and records kept by your lender, you may be in a strong position to protect your home and avoid foreclosure.

My lender says there is nothing I can do — if I don’t come up with payments, they will take my home. Is this true?

Many foreclosures are now being not only challenged, but invalidated, due to lenders not properly handling correspondence pertaining to the initial application paperwork as well as continual communication between client and lender. Many of our clients do not realize until they have a consultation with us that their lenders have a series of behind-the-scenes responsibilities they may not have been adhered to. Additionally, foreclosures are also affected by changes in bankruptcy laws — it is key to have the guidance that can only be provided by qualified attorneys specializing in both foreclosure and bankruptcy law.

What if I have missed mortgage payments? Am I still eligible for any kind of help?

Even if you have missed payments, have an adjustable rate loan with sudden increases, negative equity, or have had long term unemployment, and feel that you can never catch up, you may still be in strong position to save your home. Attorney Janus is a seasoned and professional real estate attorney with solid experience in this area of law.

I have been told that once the foreclosure process starts, it cannot be reversed. Is this true?

Not only has Janus Law, PC, been able to stop foreclosures for many homeowners, we can work with you and your lender to create a loan modification that will give you a fresh start with payments that you can afford. We will walk you through the process of examining the structure of your original loan and the complicated terms that may have accompanied it — if you have been the victim of predatory loan, it is not too late – we can help you.

It is vital to speak with a qualified attorney specializing in foreclosure defense in order to know what your rights are within the complex world of the laws surrounding foreclosure.